Winter is here! Protect your home and your wallet!

Before winter rolls through, Maverick Homes makes sure that properties are secured against the elements and well taken care of, so the people who live in them are safe and warm.  Here are some of the things we do that you may want to do as well.

As winter weather progresses with more severe conditions likely, taking steps to prepare homes will protect from unnecessary expenses.

Is your home energy efficient? A cold winter in Colorado may not just make for an uncomfortable home, if your house isn’t properly prepared; it could be a safety hazard.

Let’s talk about a few things that homeowners can do to reinforce their house against the winter elements.

Replace Filters and Clean Air Ducts

Probably one of the easiest and inexpensive preventions, cleaning air ducts and replacing filters is something many people ignore. What’s important here is to understand that allowing dirt and dust to build up inside of these prevents the warm air from circulating through the house.

Replacing filters and cleaning air ducts will dramatically increase the efficiency of your heating system.

Protect your home and your family this winter

Sealing Air Leaks

Take a moment and walk through your home. Use a roll of vinyl tape to identify drafty windows, doors and gaps that are located around pipes that enter your home from outside. Once you’ve detected these, use caulk to seal them to ensure the cold air remains outside while the warm air keeps inside.

Don’t forget to check attic and crawlspaces. Repairing insulation will save on utility bills!

Checking for Carbon Monoxide Risks

If you’ve lived in Colorado during winter months, you are aware that winters can be dangerous for those living in poorly maintained homes. For those who reside in older houses, be aware that the house may need to be inspected for code requirements. Heating systems, which often burn natural gas or, if using wood-burning stoves, could be leaking odorless, colorless and lethal carbon monoxide into the home.

Check your home for leaks or damage to any air ducts or furnace fixtures.

It’s imperative to prevent the possibilities of carbon monoxide poisoning. Is your home equipped with carbon monoxide detectors? They are a requirement in all rental homes located in Colorado.

Insulating Water Pipes

Locate any water pipes that come into the house from outdoors or rooms that aren’t insulated. Protecting the pipes with insulation is an affordable alternative to preventing frozen pipes from bursting, running the risk of flooding inside your home.

Have you blown out your sprinkler system and drained hose spigots? When water freezes and expands, the water (ice) will break the pipes, which will cost you a great amount in repairs.

Blocking Big Leaks

Windows in older homes aren’t thick enough to control inside temperatures. To help keep cold air seeping through windows, cover them with heavy drapes or other window treatments.

Does your home have a fireplace flue? If so, flues are another common escape route for heat. Consider installing blockers, but remember to remove them before starting a fire.

Check weather stripping around all doors.

Following these steps to winterize your home, will not only protect against the winter elements, your home will be more energy efficient. Preparing your home to be energy efficient will save on utility bills and help prevent any costs associated with an unprepared home. Protect your home and your wallet today!

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